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Having a baby is a blessing but the trauma your body goes through can affect both your physical and mental wellness. Are you an expecting mum? Find below our treatments specially designed for you…

young mum treatment

Pre-Mommy Lighten Leg

Throughout the day, the extra water tends to gather in the lowest part of the body. This usually occurs when the weather is hot or when you have been standing a lot. The pressure of your growing womb also affects the blood flow in your legs. This can cause fluids to build up in your legs, ankles and feet. This treatment helps to alleviate the heavy legs you experience for better mobility and comfort.

Baby Pouch Recovery Treatment

After a C-section, it is important to mobilize the tissues in order to guide the natural scarring process and to avoid potential adhesions which can have many consequences, such as: local, pelvic pain, lower back pain, and urinary problems among others. This treatment session allows you to take pain-free steps early on to loosen the scar tissue, reactivate exchanges, and improve skin quality.

young mum treatment
young mum treatment

Young Mum Post-Natal Treatment


A special program created for mums to help them to get back in shape fast, after giving birth. During the 30 mins session of this treatment, we target critical areas (stomach, waist, buttocks, thighs) to recover a harmonious silhouette while providing a real feeling of comfort and well-being.