Aromatherapy Treatment

Our aromatherapy treatment is a holistic healing treatment where we use natural plant extract aromatic essential oils to improve the health of your body and mind and to enhance your physical and emotional health. Treatments within this category are listed below…

aromatherapy facial

Instant Fatigue Away Facial

This is a special treatment meant to revive and energize tired complexions. It consists of a thorough face and shoulder cleansing massage with natural plant extract aromatic essential oil, followed by an anti-fatigue algae peel-off mask which contains anti-oxidant green tea and relaxation lavender. Lastly, you get a deep sleep scalp massage during the mask and a clearer, cleaner and instantly refreshed skin. Book your appointment now.

De-sensitized Oatmeal Facial

If your skin is looking red, inflamed or feeling itchy, then this is the treatment for you! Our gentle yet deep cleansing will remove impurities from your skin. This is then followed by our Eve Taylor Signature Organic Oatmeal Masque that will instantly calm the redness and reduce inflammation. Contact us today and let your skin benefit from this soothing, skin protecting treatment.

aromatherapy facial
aromatherapy facial

Skin Gym Aromatherapy

Our skin gym aromatherapy treatment encourages oxygenation and improved elasticity, creating a more supple texture for a radiant, revitalized complexion. It energizes the tired fatigue skin, oxygenating, revitalizing, hydrating and improving the elasticity of your skin.

Cell Boost Aromatherapy

Our cell boost aromatherapy facial works beneath the surface of the skin to help respond to cellular respiration, boosting the skin energy levels. This treatment improves the cell’s ability to take in and utilize oxygen leading to a healthier complexion. With our Eve Taylor’s signature 100% Colloidal Oatmeal Masque, it imparts lipids to repair skin’s defects, hydrates the skin and reduces redness of any inflamed skin condition. Book this treatment today.

aromatherapy facial