Mind & Body Holistic Wellness

Are fatigue and stress getting you down? Unwind, relax and breathe again with our mind & body holistic treatments.

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M&B Sleep Beauty Therapy

Mind & Body Holistic Wellness treatments will recharge your batteries, relax your muscles, combat stress, and leave you feeling refreshed while taking care of your body.

Face & Body Detoxifying Therapy

Relaxation for the neck and back. Aesthetic lymphatic drainage of the legs or whole body including the arch of the foot, the ankles, and the face.

Head to Toe Revitalizing Therapy

Head to Toe Revitalizing Therapy

This treatment releases tension and refocuses the body’s energy. The breathing exercises involved encourage the body to relax and unwind.

Cellular Regeneration Treatment

Cellular Regeneration Treatment is a detoxifying treatment, perfect for promoting greater physical and emotional wellbeing. If you’re on a weight management diet or about to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, this is the ideal complementary treatment. It helps to promote weight loss by draining excess body fluid and improving metabolic rate, so your body can burn calories more efficiently.

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